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Market Analysis

Today’s employment landscape continues to evolve as budgets shrink and staff levels diminish. Vion is providing the solutions that are helping departments and agencies, across the federal, not-for-profit, and private enterprise marketplace, meet the demands of change.

 We achieve our goals by:

  • Helping to provide continued improved management and information technology services for our clients.

  • Building a managed information system, which helps make more managed and informed decisions.

  • Ensuring continuity of operations for our clients.

  • Keeping open lines of communications.


... And many implementations across agencies.


Our Partnership across our lines of business helps provide essential services.



Market Size

Organizations, in their mission to achieve greater operational efficiencies and profits, are embracing ground-breaking technologies and processes. The perception that technology can help enterprises gain a sharper competitive advantage is driving the adoption of artificial intelligence and neural networks, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data mining, and more.


The key markets within the technology and media industry are: Computer software and hardware, information technology outsourcing, wireless communication technology, and service platforms and applications. E-commerce, yet another industry that is attracting massive investments in both mature and growth markets, will influence the growth trajectory of the technology industry. Social media, too, is breaching new frontiers, making several conventional media channels obsolete. 



Market Growth

Forrester published their global tech market report for 2021 and 2022 (see “The Global Tech Market Outlook For 2021 To 2022- The Tech Contraction of 2020 Will Turn To Growth in 2021 and 2022”). Software and IT services forecasted to show the most gains in the year ahead. According to Forrester’s predictions, software will grow by 10.5% in 2022 and IT services are expected to see a bump of 6.8%.


As Microsoft’s value grew 20% due to record-low interest rates and central bank liquidity injections to offset the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft alone is expected to see an increase of 13% over the next two years largely due to their cloud services, according to Forrester’s predictions. Cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud additionally saw a 40% hike within the last 12 months alone. Of the three services, Azure has taken a larger share of incremental spending, and with this has been outperforming its competitors in the cloud service market.


Now more than ever, IT executives are looking to make the cloud a go-to for their enterprises’ data storage needs, as those whose organizations are planning on migrating to the cloud plan to have 58% of their application portfolio on the cloud in two years’ time, and 43% of IT decision-makers companies have already migrated to the cloud. Public cloud spending is expected to more than double within the next three years according to Forrester, with a minimal number of non-critical operations not in or planning to migrate to the cloud.


Forrester also expects vendors to expand their products and services outside their traditional markets by diving into the software-as-a-service (SaaS) revolution.



Market Profitability

As organizations scout for cost-effective and efficient ways of managing projects, they look towards leveraging services offered by evolving technologies. IaaS, SaaS, and cloud computing as an alternate to utilizing faster processing and management of processes without the burden of overhead costs to manage theses systems.



Success Factors

Critical success factors required to succeed in today’s competitive market place:

  • Professional development and training

  • Executive and administrative-level support

  • Skilled technical support

  • Stakeholder involvement

  • Innovative culture/collaborative environment

  • Skill level and commitment of stakeholders

  • Resources and financial support

  • Incentives/rewards/time for innovation

  • Technology/infrastructure

  • Perceived value/addresses need

  • Ease of use

  • Quality, reliability, and flexibility of technology

  • Proven effectiveness

  • Strategic planning and governance

  • Project management

  • Enhances teaching and learning

  • Cost efficiency


Our team of consultants are always available to go into detail on market survey and how you can succeed in these daring times.

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